How to get started with electronic components

The basics of how to start using electronics in your home and business is a topic that is getting more and more popular.

This article provides an overview of how electronic components can be used to deliver a variety of services, whether as part of your business or home, and some practical tips for building your own electronic component shop. Read more

How to use an electric guitar to get better tone and sustain

Part 1 of 2: Part 2 of this article: If you are like me and your favorite electric guitar has an unusual pickup configuration, you might want to look into the differences between a pickup and a truss.

This article has been updated with new information about electric guitar pickup configurations and details about electric guitars and composite materials.

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How to keep your dreamcast alive without the cable, without the cords

As of March 10, the Dreamcast is still being sold on Amazon, where it can be found for $399.99.

If you already own the console, you can still get the new version, but you’re going to need to pay more.

The price of the console itself, however, has been bumped to $399, up from $399 on March 7.

There are some minor adjustments to the pricing, as well as a few changes to the hardware that have made the difference.

The Dreamcast now costs $399 if you buy it with a cable, but if you want the console with a cord (as opposed to the cable itself), you’ll need to pick up a $129 bundle.

The console is also no longer available for pre-order at retailers, so you’ll have to wait a little while for your order to ship.

Here’s how you can get your Dreamcast for the lowest price.