How to create Angular components that will scale

An international automotive component lifecycles company called Angular Components is building an API for automakers to build their own automotive software that is modular and can be easily shared across teams.

The API will allow automakers to create the software for autonomous vehicles, which could eventually lead to a more user-friendly and reliable vehicle that can be shared with other teams.

The company says it’s building the API in an open-source manner, and that it has already had several companies sign on to help build the API.

The API itself is still in an early state, but the company has already released a preview that can help teams quickly get started with the API and start working with it.

Here’s a look at what it looks like so far:Angular Components’ API is very similar to other platforms that are using the Google Play marketplace to build software for automakers, but it’s been designed for a lot of different scenarios.

The company says that in a typical scenario, the API is used for the following:Automotive software for driver assistance and lane departure managementAutomotive data processingAutomotive control softwareAutomotive automationAutomotive security and monitoringAutomotive infotainment and security systemsAutomotive vehicle diagnosticsThe API itself will be used for:The company has been working with automakers to design a new platform for automaking that it will be able to share with other automakers.

The platform will allow teams to work with a single API that is open to the public.