Jenna Compono on How to Get Rid of the Jargon that Rules Your Life

A mother-daughter duo of social media experts are pushing a revolutionary idea in their own lives.

Jenah Compono and Jenna Componos are the co-founders of Jenna Componics.

Their company is a platform that connects people to the people they love.

It was created in response to the growing disconnect between the public sphere and the private sphere.

It aims to allow anyone with an online presence to be connected to those closest to them.

“The public sphere is not about being an observer, but about participating in that experience,” says Jenna Componic, a social media and marketing expert who founded Jenna Compons and Jenna.

“When we’re in the public, we’re doing something, and we’re not.

We’re watching.

We have to be in that place.

When we’re online, we are completely different.”

In the world of the public—or at least the parts of it that people think are public—there’s a lot of information and chatter about what’s going on, and it’s all incredibly confusing and difficult to digest.

There’s a big difference between being in the presence of someone, and being able to interact with them.

The real world is much more accessible and transparent.

But if you’re not in the world that’s available, it can feel a little more isolating and isolating, because you’re unable to see who you’re interacting with.

Jenna says the problem with the public realm is that it’s very clear about what people want and what people need to know about what you’re doing.

She calls this “the information bubble.”

That means that information gets filtered out because you don’t know how to handle it.

“If you’re sitting on the edge of a river, you can’t tell if there’s a boat coming and it won’t stop,” she says.

“It’s just going to be too overwhelming.”

So Jenna and her team decided to solve this problem by creating a platform where people can see exactly what’s on their feeds.

“In the public we can’t see everything, because there are so many variables,” she explains.

“So we needed a way to get that information to people so they can make decisions about what to do and who to interact.

This is not like the Internet where everything is completely public.

We can’t just say, ‘This is the news.’

We need to get this information to our clients.”

The company started by offering a platform for those who don’t want to interact directly with others.

But Jenna says that the idea wasn’t just about being a public service.

“What we’ve realized is that the public is so busy with their jobs that we need to find a way for people to participate in their private lives and connect with their partners and families,” she said.

Jenna and the team started by providing a platform on which people could see what other people were sharing, which could be anything from what they were listening to on their phones, to what they shared with friends.

The goal was to be able to connect people to their friends and family through the platform.

That way, when someone wants to tell you a story, you could share it with them and listen.

Jenna hopes to expand the platform to connect more people with friends, family, and other people on the same wavelength.

“We’re building an infrastructure for a lot more people to be a part of this,” she adds.

“I think we’re going to see a lot bigger change.”

Jenna and Compon’s vision is that this will enable people to connect with others in the same way that they’re connected with each other.

She says that this means the creation of new ways to connect, such as the new social network Instagram, where people are able to create “instant accounts” and connect instantly to anyone they want.

“There’s a way of connecting that’s totally private,” she points out.

“You have no idea who you are, or how you look.

So the idea is to just let people be whoever they want to be.”

But the most powerful part of Jenna’s vision—and one that Jenna says she hopes will become more popular over time—is the idea of connecting people directly with each others lives.

The two say this is what makes the new platform unique.

“By connecting with each person individually, we can build relationships and have fun,” Jenna explains.

In fact, she says, the company is currently working on creating a new product called the Jenna Compones’ App.

The app, which will be available this summer, will allow users to track friends’ location, see who they’ve been with, and even help people locate a friend who has died.

The Jenna Componian’s App will connect the person with the person’s family, friends, and community through the Jenna’s App platform.

It will even be able find their location on Google Maps.

“This will be the ultimate public-facing social