How to install the Nintendo Switch’s component cables and accessories

The Nintendo Switch is available now for preorder.

The system comes with a pair of HDMI cables, one for the main display and one for each of the controller ports.

The other component that you’ll need to buy is the gamecube controller cable.

We’ve reviewed a few of the components available for the system, and they’re not exactly cheap.

A quick look at the components we bought in the US suggests that it’s the same as the other Switch consoles: the two controllers are the Switch Pro Controller and the Nintendo 3DS XL, with a cable for the GameCube and Wii U controllers as well.

However, this is a pretty cheap set of cables, and you’ll want to get the best one for your needs.

We’ll be looking at the best accessories for the Switch system, as well as how to connect a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard to it.