How to install the app on Windows 10 for Windows Phones and Tablets and the NFL app are available on Windows, Mac and Linux, but the app for Windows is coming soon.

Microsoft announced a special update for the NFL apps today, which makes it easier to install on Windows devices and gives fans a much easier way to watch the game.

For those who have the NFL TV app installed, you can download the NFL Home app for free and watch all of the games on your home or office network.

For Windows users, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes a number of new features.

You can now pause the game at any time, pause the stream, and stream from your PC, tablet or phone to your TV.

The update also brings live video to the web, as well as an improved app interface.

The NFL app for Android also includes a few improvements to the app, including an improved search and a more efficient sharing system.

This week, the NFL’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark King, also announced the addition of a new app to the Windows Store that offers a more comprehensive search for your favorite games and highlights.

For more details on these and other new features, head to the NFL page on the Windows app store.