What are the effects of a ‘lightning storm’ on the UK?

The UK is bracing for another “lightning” in the form of a “light” storm, which could hit the country and cause power outages and disruption.

According to The Independent, the storm is expected to be over the North Sea on Monday.

The UK has already experienced a spate of power outage caused by lightning strikes on Wednesday, with some of the worst damage caused by the thunderstorm reported in Bristol.

More:The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed that there are “several” severe weather warnings in place for the UK, which is also affected by a storm on the same day.

The Storm Surge Warning has been issued for the North of England, the East Midlands, the Midlands, North of Scotland, North Wales and the Isle of Man.

It is expected that up to 50,000 homes and businesses could be affected, as well as roads, rail and water services, roads, ports and airports.

Power has been restored in many areas in the UK and in parts of Scotland.

However, the severe weather is expected at least to affect areas where there is “a large proportion of the population” who live in rural areas.

In Wales, a report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said it had “limited information” on the extent of damage and said “no specific estimates have been made”.

“We would urge anyone in rural Wales to exercise extreme caution and take the following precautions to minimise the risk of further power outgoes,” the statement read.

The report added: “The storm surge warnings are in place and are being enforced.”