Which of the five TV channels has the best ratings?

This is the fourth time I’ve written about the Indian TV viewership, but I was still surprised to find that this time around it is a lot more interesting.

It’s been nearly five years since the launch of the popular Telugu TV channel on the channel aggregator site TV Ratings.

This time around, TV Ratings has been running a survey on the popularity of TV channels across India.

It was initially created to monitor the popularity and viewership of various TV channels.

The survey was run on February 10, 2018 and since then, there have been over 1,300 questions on the survey, many of which asked about the popularity or ratings of TV shows and movies.

While the survey asked about popularity, the question was also used to look at the viewership.

There are several categories in the survey which are important for the TV industry.

One of them is the viewership which is the number of people who watched TV on a given day, the time, the channel and the channel’s channel name.

Another category is viewership on the date of the day and the time.

Finally, there is the category called “rating”.

It is a number of the total number of viewers who watched the channel at a particular moment and the name of the channel.

The survey has only counted the total numbers of people watching the channel, not the number who watched it during the specified time or the specific channel name or the channel name alone.

For example, if a channel’s name is “TNC-B”, it has a rating of “3.7”.

What makes it interesting is that the ratings of the channels mentioned in the study are aggregated from various sources like the website TV Ratings, TV ratings aggregator.in, TV channel website TV ratings, TV channels websites and other online media.

So, what has made the TV viewership survey different from the other surveys I’ve conducted in the past?

The survey is not based on popularity alone.

It has been done on several factors like demographics, quality of content, ratings, etc. Also, unlike the other TV ratings surveys, this survey does not take into account a lot of things like the viewership of other channels. 

So, the survey is only measuring the viewership on a particular day.

But what about the viewership over a particular period of time?

This is one of the important reasons why TV viewership is so important in terms of a rating.

It gives a good indicator of the overall quality of the content.

The study also looks at the number and quality of ratings on various other TV channels that have similar genres of programming.

Now, here is what I found in the TV ratings survey, based on the question “How many people watched TV at the given time on a specific day?”.

As you can see in the table, the viewership is aggregated on the same day as the date on which the question is asked.

And that is what is really interesting about this survey.

TV ratings shows that the viewership data is not taken from the individual viewers but from various channels that are participating in the surveys.

It shows that not only are the numbers of the viewership not taken into account in the viewership surveys but also in the ratings itself.

It shows that a lot has changed in the way TV viewership surveys have been conducted in a year.