Microsoft acquires Apogee for $500M

Microsoft has acquired Apogees technology to build a new cloud-based service for the healthcare industry.

The acquisition, which was announced on Wednesday, follows a recent acquisition of the software company by Microsoft for $400 million, according to a statement released by Microsoft.

Apogee has been the subject of a number of regulatory filings by the federal government, including the FDA’s “federal data breach reporting requirements” for the company.

The company has faced a number legal challenges over the years, but the company was able to survive after the Justice Department sued to stop the government from seizing assets of its technology.

Microsoft was the first major tech company to buy the company, and Apoges core business is developing software to help medical teams track patients, manage data and help doctors manage their patients’ care.

Microsoft has been exploring ways to improve its cloud computing capabilities in recent years, with the company announcing that it would use its Azure cloud computing platform to provide healthcare organizations with access to its massive data storage and analytics capabilities.