How to fix the problem with the iPhone X’s charging cables

There are a lot of complaints about Apple’s charging cable for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. We’ve seen the cable and cable covers get stuck in various situations, and now we’re hearing that some iPhone X owners are reporting similar issues with their cables.

According to a post on AppleInsider, the cable is not an isolated issue.

There are also a number of complaints on Apple’s support forum that customers are experiencing the same problem.

We spoke with one customer who says he was initially concerned about a cable sticking to the underside of the iPhone, but after he got his phone repaired, the issue disappeared.

While the Apple support forum thread doesn’t offer detailed solutions for the issue, one Reddit user posted on Tuesday that his iPhone X charger was covered in “dirt.”

The Redditor, named TheHipster, said he noticed the cable stuck on the back of his phone when he plugged it in and tried to charge it.

“After I was done with the charger I noticed a small amount of dirt on the cable,” TheHIPSTER wrote.

“When I tried to put the phone back in it the cable came out and I had to dig it out to get it off.”

While Apple has yet to provide a specific explanation, TheHOPster said he contacted Apple support and Apple’s Customer Service Center about the issue.

“They were very nice about it,” he said.

“But then I was asked if it was a normal occurrence and that it would be replaced.”

While it’s not unheard of for Apple to replace its charging cables, The Hipster said the customer was not able to get the cable replaced until the problem was fixed.

“I have seen it happen before but this is the first time I have had to replace a cable,” he wrote.