New Gears 5 Components Coming to NHL App today

Gears 4.0.3 for the NHL App has been pushed out to the App Store today.

The update includes: New Gears-based components like the Gears 5 components. 

Gemini, a gears-style modular component. 

A gems-style modular component that lets you add a few more components to your existing game. 

New game modes and competitive scoring modes. 

Components like Gems are built on top of the Gestures API and can be used in a variety of scenarios, including simultaneous and asynchronous games, game modes, and competitive scoring modes.

The Gests 5 Components are currently available for free on the NHL Store.

The NHL app will soon be adding them to the game, but for now you can grab them by going to the NHL app and clicking the gear icon.