The Next Big Thing from Microsoft

By Eric LichtblauMicrosoft announced today the latest iteration of its HoloLens augmented reality headset, the HoloLens Camera.

The camera is a first for Microsoft and is the first hardware product to use the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

HoloLens also incorporates a range of other augmented reality sensors including an infrared camera, a depth sensor, a camera with a camera system, and a depth camera that can track objects and people.

The new camera is the third camera product to be announced by Microsoft this year, joining the Surface 3, which Microsoft acquired in March, and the HoloGlass camera, which was revealed in November.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s CTO, David Lohse, described the camera as a “next generation camera” that “will help capture the beauty of life in the natural world.”

The camera’s lifecycle is expected to begin with its first consumer release in mid-2017, with subsequent hardware products released after that.

Lohs post on the company’s blog indicates that a camera will be included in future HoloLens headsets.

While Microsoft has been working on the camera for several years, the announcement was notable because it was the first time a company had announced the camera at this time.

The company previously announced a new augmented reality camera in March.

The announcement was made just days after Microsoft launched a series of new HoloLens hardware products in the form of the HoloCamera and HoloLens Lens.

The company has also announced that HoloLens will be a part of Microsoft’s future consumer and enterprise products, including Surface Studio, HoloLens for Work, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

The HoloLens camera will likely be sold separately in a series in the future.

Microsoft is also working on a new version of the camera that could be used in augmented reality headsets.

Microsoft has been teasing the HoloHoloLens camera for months.

Last year, Microsoft revealed a camera in the HoloPhone that could “use the sensors from your phone and your glasses” to capture a 360-degree image.

This camera, dubbed the HoloPixel, was available in early 2017.

Microsoft also teased the camera’s launch in the Microsoft Surface Studio app in November, along with its HoloCamera camera and Holo Lens app.